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Our Character
"In talking to a friend about Trinity, I would speak
about Trinity as friendly, open, and tolerant;
a place to form meaningful relationships."

We are both traditional ...

We value and honor Christian
          tradition in our worship,
          both in words and music.

Many of us are comfortable with
          ways of thinking about our
          faith that have sustained us
          over many years. We honor
          and are sustained by the
          scriptures and by millennia
          of Jewish and Christian

     We welcome and honor those who
          think and live in traditional
          and conservative ways,
          religiously, politically, and
          in their lifestyles.

... and progressive.

     We are open to new forms of worship,
          new words and new songs, so
          long as they help lead us in
          our journey toward the holy,
          toward wholeness.

      We are open to non-traditional ways
          of thinking, studying, and
          speaking about God, Jesus,
          and the Bible. We grow in
          faith as we better understand
          how our tradition has been
          developed over the centuries
          by fallible humans. We realize
          that many of the incredible
          events that we read about in
          our scriptures can be "true" in
          a very real and deep sense,
          whether or not they literally
          "happened" as they are
How can we be so broad... so many things to so many people?
Doesn't it mean that our faith is a mile wide but only an inch deep?

No! Faith doesn't measure out that way, like some puddle.
It is more like the ocean, both broad and deep. In fact, the broader it is the deeper it must go.
And in the strengths and weaknesses of our humanity we value and love one another, finding our commonality in the depths of our faith.
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